Tuesday, February 8, 2011

BT offers public Wi-Fi services for London Olympics

BT has come up with a plan of offering the London Organisation Committee of the Olympic Games(LOCOG)offering the Public with Wi-Fi services, that allows them to cover and the enjoy the Olympic Park during the games in 2012. The telecom giant however do not have the official remit to cover the games however, the better internet services, will thus help the cheer and excitement of the games grow manifold and also reduce the pressure on the mobile operators. As the spokesperson for BT, Stuart Hill, the Vice President and director at London Games 2012, said that there are talks going on internally for providing the BT Wi-Fi network at the Olympics with the LOCOG and the decision should be reached by the coming three to four months.

Hill also added, that BT has also plans for providing other VIPs, dignitaries and celebrities, with special Samsung handsets with BT sim cards for accessing the internet and Wi-Fi services, thus to enjoy the games to the fullest. Thus offering with the dedicated mobile network, it would not have any other issues of the coverage at large, thus making the games and its other information and excitement to catch without any hassles. Hill also added that after the games, BT network are also working towards leaving the fibre wires in place thus helping to reach their targets for the homes and other surrounding areas at a faster speed thus achieving its target of providing fast internet to all the household at much quicker speed. This area also includes the athletes’ apartment which will then be considered for normal apartments thus making it the first fibre-to-the-premises household in the UK.

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