Monday, January 17, 2011


Keeping a hotel in brilliant condition and looking the utmost luxurious and desirable place to lodge into is what the hotel business is all about. But then the hotel people would do well to remember that even they need to spend their pennies wisely. But then while thinking economical and renovating the rooms in terms paint, coating and related works, one should remember that they ought to be one with the image that the guest staying in expect to be. The economic times being harsh that they are people are also looking at Designing for durability and functionality. The Moda Hotel for once is a good example of a refurbishment work done greatly with the economics not ignored either and at the same time also giving that subtle touch of luxury to the hotel. For once no signs remained of the hotel’s previous incarnation that was Dufferin Hotel.

The hotel might as well be tagged ancient, well at least very old. This is because it was built way back in 1908 and housed both travelers as well as workers on the Canadian Pacific Railway. Age had eventually taken its toll on the hotel. It so happened that in the year 2009 Jonathan McNeely who is a senior designer at the Smart Design Group was left with the job of giving the lobby and suites a fresh look and feel. This apart, designer Alda Pereira was to deal with the standard rooms. While totally refurbishing the place they made sure that the original essence is not lost. Thus unnecessary changes did not quite come about to be. The original tile work was kept the way they are. A secondary pane of glass came instead of the deep windowsills. In the end the refurbishment work once complete made the place look totally different and yet carrying the essence of the original old and heritage site that the hotel is.

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